Forex on candlesticks


Forex candlesticks are perhaps the most valuable technical analysis tool a trader can have in their toolkit. Candlestick tables have been a staple of art and technical analysis skills since the 18th century, when Japanese rice traders invented them in an effort to uncover repetitive price patterns to predict future price movements. Similarly, the forex candle has become the basis of technical analysis for forex currency traders since forex trading first became widely popular. In essence, candlesticks reflect the overall thinking process of all investors in the foreign exchange market over a given period of time, which is a candlestick, so they create visual signals about investors ’beliefs, and it is these beliefs that drive the Forex market.
The greater appeal of candlestick forex charts compared to simple charts in the form of lines and lines is that they represent the same data but with a dramatically dynamic visual interpretation. In essence, forex candle charts are much easier and clearer to see changes in the mood of the trader and investor, this makes the candlestick chart the most effective and profitable form of chart reading. The chart of forex candles shows the price action that occurred as a result of the reaction of market participants to economic variables.
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Forex candle samples give traders a definite and effective market trading strategy. The main reason for this is that candlestick charts give an accurate and easy-to-use reflection of the power of price action. The way forex trading candle models is a “body” that shows the distance between the open and closed time periods that the bar represents. The body of a forex candlestick is usually either black, or white, or two other opposite colors. This easy-to-interpret visual effect gives an instant idea of ​​who won the daily battle on forex; bulls or bears. When using simple bar charts or line charts that do not contain the same contrast of price movements, it is much more difficult to interpret the effect of forex prices.

Any forex trader who is looking for an effective but easy to understand and implement trading strategy can make extensive use of candle trading. By simply learning and then mastering a few basic candlestick settings, traders can develop their own profitable foreign exchange trading system that will allow them to trade with clarity and conviction. A simple plain chart of vanilla forex candlesticks can become your main technical analysis tool; Trading in this simple way will allow you to think clearly and calmly and it will have a positive impact on your trading. Many traders ignore the simplistic power that forex candlestick charts contain, and continue to add many indicators to their charts, which only complicates their trading and confuses their minds. Do not become one of the masses of novice forex traders who fall into the myth of lagging behind, cultivate your own confidence in trading by learning to use forex candles to trade in the foreign exchange market.